5 Budget Friendly Ways to Stage a Home

Are you getting ready to sell your home, but don’t have the money to put into re-decorating? There are a few minor things you can do with your home that can make the largest difference in the staging process. Implement these 5 tips before staging your home to give the best impression to potential buyers. 

1. Pack away personal items

This simple tip sounds like a minor step. However, this can easily make the biggest difference. By taking away some personal items and leaving them a bit more neutral, you are allowing potential buyers to envision themselves in the house. Sometimes it is more difficult to picture yourself in a home filled with pictures of another family. 

2. Clear away clutter

This is by far a necessary step in the process of showing your home. You want potential buyers to focus on the bones of the home, not your clutter. This is one of the more difficult things for people to do because of their personal attachment to these items. However, if you can part with the things that take up space in the visibility of your home then you will increase the probability of someone purchasing your home.

3. Rearrange and neutralize your home

Make sure each room is set up in a way that showcases its distinct purpose. This will help sell the functionality of each room and make them more inviting. Also, if your walls have not been painted recently, you will want to apply fresh and neutral paint. This will give each room a cleaner and fresher look. 

4. Scrub and deodorize

Nobody wants to look at the possibility of buying a dirty and smelly home. It is recommended to invest some money into having your home professionally cleaned before an open house or private showing. When buyers see an unkempt home or a dirty home, they will obviously be unimpressed. 

5. Enhance curb appeal

When staging your home, do not neglect the outside. It is easy for sellers to get caught up in the interior of the house, and forget about the impression of the exterior. The front yard is the first thing that potential buyers to see – it is important to have a mowed lawn, toys and outdoor accessories picked up, remove the sidewalk of clutter and debris, etc. 

All of these tips will help secure your possibility of selling your home!

Last-update of the article: 11/30/2020.