How to Minimize Tenant Complaints

As a property management company, we get our fair share of tenant complaints. What are these complaints and how do you improve communication between the two parties? 

1. Complaints about neighbours

Many times, your tenants will call you and complain about their neighbours. Often it is because of loud music, upstairs stomping, the noises made from pets, or fighting. What you have to remember is that even though loud neighbours’ are not your responsibility, take the extra step and talk to their loud neighbours for them. Many times the neighbours will understand and keep the noise to a minimum. Worst case scenario, the tenant will have to file a noise complaint.

2. Unanswered work orders

One of the most frustrating things to have requests for fixing the plumbing or electrical repair goes unanswered. Put yourself in the tenant’s shoes and realize how frustrated they must be. Always make sure to respond to your tenant’s questions, even if it’s a short “Thank you for letting us know”. This tells the tenants that you have received the message and are working on repairing them. Kindly remind the tenants that work orders must be received 24 hours ahead of time, especially if it involves going into the tenant’s apartment. A simple fix for this is to give the tenant a list of your approved service companies, and they can contact them directly. This way, it saves both parties trouble and makes the relationship less strenuous.

3. Security deposit refund

Communication is key to this complaint. When a tenant is moving out, clearly state the conditions for withholding or refunding the security deposit. Be sure to be fair about the process when a tenant moves out and not count the natural wear and tear of the apartment as their fault. If, in any case, there is a need for deduction of their security deposit, let them know exactly why and how much. This way, it ensures the tenant of why you are doing this and keeps up the communication.

4. Not responding to inquiries

Never ignore a tenant’s complaint or inquiry just because it doesn’t fall into the property manager’s responsibility. At the very least, acknowledge you have received the message and point them in the right direction to solving their problem. Maintaining a good relationship between you and your tenant is essential for your future tenants.

Being a property manager has its ups and downs. Maintaining a good relationship can go a long way in the future when your tenants refer others to your property. Many times tenants complain because of the lack of communication between the two parties. These can always be resolved with an extra step in making the customer happy.

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Last update of the article: 05/26/2021