Keep an Old House Warm


There are many old houses here that have certain charms and the old house ‘feel’ to them. That’s great for summer, but what happens when Fall and Winter come around? Many of these houses can get difficult to warm. Here are a few tips that will help warm your house without spending too much money!

Check windows and doors
Often times a small gap between the door and the floor can have a huge effect on the temperature of the room. Another example would be when a window is closed, but there is still a bit of space left that brings in drafts. If you have towels or clothes that you can spare, it is simple to solve this problem. Go ahead and plug up the gaps between your floor and bed easy night. Roll them into “door snakes” and wedge them in between the floor and the door gap.

Many old houses were not built with the benefits of insulation. If your house has yet to be insulated, contact your local installer to ask them about installing insulation. This can all be installed without removing any of the interior or exterior walls and the whole process takes less than a day. Insulation helps because it increases the heating and cooling properties of the house. That way when it gets hot during the summer, you can save money on air conditioning too.

Install a programmable thermostat
If your home already has a heating system in place for a few years, you can check to see if it is time for an upgrade. Installing a programmable thermostat is beneficial because you can customize the temperature. That way when nobody is at home, the heat doesn’t have to be on and waste your money.

Install radiant floor heating
Radiant floor heating provides constant warmth throughout your house. Imagine waking up in the morning and not walking on a frigid floor during the winter. Radiant floor heating is also very energy efficient because it warms the actual structure of your house from the bottom up.

Last update of the article: 08/07/2020


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