Tax Deductions for 2013

Property Management Company Advice for Tax Deductions

The US tax season officially runs from Jan. 31 to April 15. Take this chance to itemize your taxes to take advantage of deductions and credits. If you own a single-family home, condo, apartment, or mobile home, you may be eligible for some of these deductions.

1. Making Fast Decisions.

You can deduct all of your home mortgage interest. The amount you can deduct depends on multiple factors, such as when you took out the mortgage, the amount of the mortgage, and how you use the mortgage proceeds. You also have the chance to qualify for a mortgage interest deduction if your second home is a boat or RV with cooking, sleeping, and bathroom facilities.

Deduction of property taxes

You are eligible for this deduction as long as you own a home, condo, or apartment. You can deduct your state and local property taxes based on the value of the real property. The only instance where you cannot claim this deduction is if you have your money held in escrow to pay property taxes.

Home office deduction

There is a simplified version of figuring out the deduction for the business use of homes in 2013. Homeowners and renters can take advantage of this deduction, as long as space serves as the primary place of business. You are entitled to $5 deduction per square foot of the home being used for business, up to 300 square feet.

However, the regular method to obtain the home office deduction for this tax year still works. You would need to determine the actual expenses of your home office. This includes mortgage interest, insurance, utilities, repairs, and depreciation.

Energy-savings deductions

There is a separate energy savings deduction available for you if you have installed a solar energy system, geothermal heat pump, or small wind turbine in your home in 2013. You may claim up to 30 percent of the installation cost for a tax credit. This credit does not apply to rental properties.

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