5 Signs That It’s Time to Find a New Property Manager

Find New Property Manager

Owning a rental property in Santa Barbara sounds like a smart and lucrative investment until your management company starts slacking, resulting in upset tenants and a decline in your investment.

This is why working with a licensed, well-respected property management company in Santa Barbara is so important for property owners. Real-Estate Entrepreneurs don’t have the time to worry about the little details, which is why having responsive and trusting property managers is essential to making your investment worth it.

A good property manager will ensure that all premises are well maintained, making the current tenants happy and creating a space that will effortlessly attract future quality tenants. A good property management company will make sure tenants pay on time, that all units are rented, and that everyone is happy.

Here are signs that you may need to find a new property management company:

1. You’re receiving complaints

If you are receiving complaints from your current tenants or from your properties’ neighbors, then this a sign that you should take a further look into what is really going on. If your property manager is renting out the property to noisy or disrespectful tenants then it’s important to make sure you get clear on the standards you would like to uphold.

2. Your intuition is telling you to check up on the property

If your intuition is telling you to check up on the property, then chances are something fishy might be going on. The whole reason you have a property manager is so you don’t have to do the work of checking up on your properties. If you feel uneasy…look into hiring someone you trust.

3. You can’t get ahold of your property manager

If you aren’t able to quickly get ahold of your property management company, then it may be time to switch who you choose to work with. It’s important for you to feel like you are working with people you can rely on and people who can help solve your tenant’s problems quickly.

4. The tenants are reaching out to you directly

If your tenants are reaching out to you directly and are bypassing the property manager, that may mean that they don’t trust the property manager or don’t feel like they are properly handling their needs. It’s important that your tenants feel that the manager they work directly with is helpful, and if they are going straight to you, chances are this is not the case.

5. Things could be better

If you simply feel like things could be better and you are doubting the quality of your property manager’s work, then this is a red flag and it’s time to hire someone new.

 Last update of the article: 07/13/2020