How To Make Living With a Roomate Easier

Realty Management Advice for New Roommates

Living with someone always has its good and bad points. It’s awesome to save money on rent by rooming with another person, but sometimes our bubble may be pushed to its limits. Here are some quick and easy ways to enjoy living with your roommates without limiting your personal space!

Paying the Bills

Make sure everyone pays the bills on time with a synchronized email alert or app. If someone doesn’t use a smartphone, another way to get everyone on the same page is to create a shared Google Doc. This way everyone can access it whenever they need to take a look at when the rent is due. There can also be different levels of alerts, where everyone sets their phone to remind them about the rent a week before it is due and once more when the due date comes. 

Bathroom Schedule/Organization

Everyone has his or her bathroom schedule and time when they need to wake up and go to work or class. A good way to prevent everyone from crashing into each other during the day is to make sure everyone is aware of everyone else’s schedule. Secondly, sharing a bathroom with more than 1 person is hard enough. When multiple people are using the same bathroom, things start to get hectic. If everyone pitches in to install a new towel rack or cabinet, then there can be enough space for everyone’s bathroom items. A rack that can hold three towels can be hooked onto the top of the door and save wall space.


Chores. We all had them when were kids. It’s one of those things where you have to do it; otherwise, the entire house just gets messy, fast. Everyone has his or her cleaning schedule and habits. Some might like to have a more consistent cleaning process while others are just clean when they feel like it. Try making the process of doing chores a chance to get together and hang out. Split up the chores and go out of dinner afterward. Another idea is to write all of the chores and put them in a hat or jar. Then each member can reach in and see what chore they got!

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Last update of the article: 08/07/2020