How Good is Your Roommate Etiquette?

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A few months ago, we wrote a piece about how to make your life with a roommate easier. Each apartment has a common area where roommates share. Because these spaces belong to many people, everyone who uses them must treat them with care.

What do we consider to be a common room?

Living Room
Swimming Pool
Fitness Room

What is considered proper roommate etiquette?

Pick Up
Anything you bring into a common area should be brought out when you leave. Leaving food on the kitchen counter instead of putting it back in the refrigerator is not good roommate etiquette. Be sure to pick up any trash that might have dropped when you were walking down the hallway. Remembering to pick up your towels beside the pool or in the fitness room will save you a trip from walking back.

Do Your Equal Share
Living with another person can be hard. Everyone is used to living by themselves, but when we move into an apartment with another person, they may have different cleaning habits than you. It is important to establish a middle ground and agreeing on who cleans what and when. A beginning step is to start with your own messes. This includes trash, dishes, and laundry. A good way to maintain the cleanliness of the kitchen is to wash your dishes whenever you’re done with them. This prevents them from piling up and you dreading the dishes every week. Doing in the small intervals help.

Be Timely
While you do your dishes in small interval sand they never seem to pile up, another thing to watch out for is laundry. It is common for many people to share a few washers and driers in an apartment complex. Don’t be the person that forgets their clothes are in the washer. While it doesn’t happen often, if it’s an especially busy laundry day, your wet clothes could end up on top of a table because you were too slow to take them out of the washer and put them in the drier.

Last update of the article: 07/13/2020