Examining the Pros and Cons of Rent-to-Own Properties

Investing in a rent-to-own property has its advantages and disadvantages. Unlike a typical lease, once you've signed such a contract, you’re obligated to rent the property and potentially buy it if you’re interested. Although such an investment could turn out to be good for your financial situation, there are some dangers that you should be aware of, which we will discuss later on. 


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5 Signs That It's Time to Find a New Property Manager

New Property Manager

Owning a rental property in Santa Barbara sounds like a smart and lucrative investment until your management company starts slacking, resulting in upset tenants and a decline in your investment.


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7 Tips for Choosing the Best Property Management Company in Santa Barbara

Picking the right property management company will make your life much easier. A competent firm will help get the best return from your rental property, maintain its value, attract high-quality tenants, and save you worry.

Property Management Company Advice

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How to Maximize Your Apartment Space

Trying to find space in your apartment for all of your clothes, books, and any other important items? Here are a few easy, but extremely helpful tips from ForRent.com to help maximize the space you have in your apartment. 



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5 Home Maintenance Tips for the Summer

Summer is the best time to be outdoors and embrace the warm weather. Now that the season has come, it is the perfect chance to get some work done around the house to enjoy the sunshine further. With just a few weekends' worths of improvements, these tips can help get your home ready for the rest of the year.

Perfect Patio

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How to Good is Your Roommate Etiquette?

Residential Properties Advice

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5 Budget Friendly Ways to Stage a Home

Are you getting ready to sell your home, but don't have the money to put into re-decorating? There are a few minor things you can do with your home that can make the largest difference in the staging process. Implement these 5 tips before staging your home to give the best impression to potential buyers. 

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3 Ways to Control Noise in Your Apartment


Property Management Company Tips by The Laurel


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How to Choose a Property Manager

How to Get the Right Professional Property Management Company

How to Find the Right Property Manager

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